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Surviving a Conference Call: How to Stop the Rambling, Multitasking and Zoning Out

The conference call is one of the most familiar rituals of office life—and one of the most hated. Abuses are rife. People on the line interrupt others, zone out or multitask, forgetting to hit “mute” while talking to kids or…

December 16, 2014

The 10 Best Apps To Train Your Brain

Whether it’s to focus at work, do better at school or just stay sharp, there are various reasons for wanting to boost brainpower. But maintaining psychological well-being is equally as important. “Stress and anxiety are among the most pressing and…

December 11, 2014

The Five Best Tricks To Remember Names

It’s one of my personal frustrations that I am naturally terrible at remembering names. I place great value on truly connecting with other people, and I know one of the simplest ways you can make someone feel recognized is to…

December 9, 2014

Shark Tank

Attend an Open Call   Attend an Open Call where you will be given the opportunity to do a 1-minute pitch of your business/product/idea to a member of the Casting Team — just like you would as if you were…

December 4, 2014

Cash Is for Losers!

Kristen Geil, a writer for an Internet marketing firm in Chicago, heard about Venmo for the first time two summers ago. Her new roommate, who had just arrived in town from New York, was raving about this app that allows…

December 2, 2014