In my Summer as a Junior Strategist

by / July 23, 2015

These days, interning has become synonymous with getting coffee, doing ‘grunt’ work, and picking up the responsibilities of just about all of your co-workers. As a Junior Strategist with The Resource Guild, my internship is far from that. Unlike many of my friends working internships this summer, my responsibilities are quite similar to those of my co-workers and I feel quite valuable working with The Guild. The Resource Guild specializes in 360 Degree Brand Management, so there is never a dull moment and no two days are the same! Let me take you through a few of the highlights from my experience as a Junior Strategist.

On June 6th, which was my first day with The Resource Guild, I worked Ferrari Maserati of Atlanta’s “Rides to Remember” event. They partnered with The Atlanta Ronald McDonald House, CURE Childhood Cancer, and Camp Sunshine to put on the 10th Annual “Rides to Remember” Private Charity Event. The Resource Guild’s tasks throughout the day were to make sure that the event ran smoothly with sponsors TRG secured, coordinate all photo and video opportunities and to handle onsite press  interviews. From setting up the event space to recruiting participants and their families for photos and interviews. This event was one of the most incredible events I have ever been a part of; Children dealing with pediatric cancer and their families spent their day riding in fast, exotic sports cars with drivers that volunteered their time and lavish cars for the event. It was an amazing first day and an event that I plan to be a part of again.


Fast-forward to July 1st and The Resource Guild was at OFS Brand Showroom for the Season 2 Premiere of the Black Men’s Dossier “Uncover The Journey”. The event featured a panel of black male entrepreneurs and business professionals and was produced and hosted by The Guild’s own Daniel Dickey. The Resource Guild was responsible for multiple pieces of Black Men’s Dossier’s event, from media procurement, sponsorship procurement, to event management. Further, we connected Hendrick’s Gin, another collaborative partner of The Guild, with Black Men’s Dossier and they contributed complimentary drinks for the event! This event was curated so that the attendees would have time to watch the teasers of the series, network amongst themselves, as well as with the panel members, and it was great to see so many people in one building all trying to better themselves, their businesses, and their futures.


The next day, I was at the Atlanta CBS 46 Studio with many familiar faces from the Ferrari Maserati of Atlanta “Rides to Remember” event for a live taping of “Atlanta’s Plugged In”. The show featured a segment on the General Manager of Ferrari Maserati of Atlanta, as well as representatives from the three different cancer foundations involved with the event. Each representative shared about their involvement and experience with Ferrari Maserati of Atlanta’s event. It was a great placement for our client as their brand and the “Rides to Remember” journey was shared with a large audience. Beyond that, it was an awesome experience to be in the studio at which the segment was taped and to be on the back-end of television for the first time.

Most recently, on July 21st, Miller Lite, another Resource Guild client, put on their third “Tap the Future” event with Daymond John from “Shark Tank” at Opera Nightclub. I was responsible for checking in media and to make sure that the flow of the event was in order. This event was especially interesting as teams of entrepreneurs got to pitch their business ideas for a chance to win $20,000 and entrepreneurs in attendance even had the opportunity to be randomly selected to pitch their business on the spot for a $500 gift card! An entrepreneurial feel was in the air throughout the night and it was so amazing to see how many people came out to network and build with their peers. Opera was absolutely packed out with hundreds of people in attendance and the event was a huge success.


In my short time with The Resource Guild, I have learned a significant amount as it relates to Brand Management. More importantly, I’ve learned about how to better create relationships, manage relationships, manage my time, organize my work and priorities, and conduct business in an efficient, professional manner. Working for a company with such a tight-knit company culture has been incredible. Further, having such an open relationship with my Boss has made this experience incomparable to others- anytime I needed anything at all I knew that Daniel would be willing to listen, help out, and always offer a (great) solution. At least once a week he would take time out of his schedule to cook for the whole Resource Guild team and throughout the week I would go out with a few of my teammates for lunch. At every opportunity, Daniel would introduce me to somebody, or something new – from people to food – and I was always subjected to new relationships and learning opportunities. Daniel believes that for businesses to grow and progress, a holistic (mind,body and soul) approach and good strategy are the epicenter of that growth. I look at things from an entirely different lens now and it has impacted my perspective on so many things.

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The relationship I have with Daniel, as well as with my co-workers, has made this summer one that I will never forget. I will carry the memories and growth made in my time with The Resource Guild with me throughout my life. In closing: Daniel has a hashtag he uses and subscribes his life to called #TheKIMPrinciple and it means to (K)eep (I)t (M)oving forward positively and productively no matter what comes your way.  #HireTheResourceGuild

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