Rolling Out – Black Men’s Dossier Presents ‘Uncover the Journey’

by / July 1, 2015

On Wednesday, July 1, Black Men’s Dossier debuted season two of their observational documentary Uncover the Journey at the OFS Brands Showroom in Atlanta, Ga. The powerful series follows six influential lives of African American male business professionals and entrepreneurs on their personal journey towards success. Viewers will have a chance to get an in-depth look on the the trials and tribulations these men face while accomplishing their long-term career goals.

The event was hosted by producer Daniel Pickney from the Resource Guild and commenced with complimentary hors d’oeuvres served by Cuisson Company plus signature cocktails provided by Hendricks Gin. Following the cocktail hour, Black Men’s Dossier hosted an eye-opening panel discussion gathering cast members DeMarco Morgan (11 Alive News anchor), M. Cole Jones (co-founder of covello), Richard Dunn (founder, the Muddy Water Group/director of Strategic Alliances, The Atlanta Voice), Karl Carter (CEO, GTM/ Snake Nation), Curtis Daniel (owner, Patchwerk Studios), and Keinon Johnson (national director of Urban Promotions, Interscope Records/creative director, The Maven Brand).

The panel was moderated by Lamar Tyler of, which in 2010 was named a must read blog by Parenting Magazine. The hour-long panel touched on topics including fatherhood, entrepreneurship and the importance of mentoring the next generation of black youth.

Rolling out dropped by to engage in the conversation and here are the five most powerful pieces of advice we took away from the distinguished group of gentlemen:

“Whatever God has for you, nobody can keep you from getting it. When God brings you to a cliff you have to trust him and fully let go. In the midst of your hard time, he will either catch you when you fall or he will teach you how to fly.” –Demarco Morgan

“When you stay spiritually fed nothing can stop you from going the distance.” –Karl Carter

“As a father, in your workplace your children should always feel welcomed, [that they] can lead something and grow in that environment. If those things don’t factor into the equation then it shouldn’t sit well with your spirit.” –Richard Dunn

“Black men do take care of their children and are making entrepreneurial moves, so don’t believe the stigma.” –Curtis Daniel

“Not all blacks sold dope to become successful. There are many of us who got an education and worked a regular job until we achieved our dreams of becoming our own boss.” –Keinon Johnson

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