4 ways PR pros can extend the life of their content

by / December 10, 2015

Have you ever spent hours developing a presentation for an upcoming industry conference or panel that will be forgotten just as quickly as the event for which you created it?

Did you and your team take weeks to develop a white paper, working weekends to complete it?

Many PR pros can relate to these situations, but haven’t taken the time to extend the life of that content. They miss out on harnessing the energy (and industry expertise) spent on creating it in ways that go beyond the original event or mailing.

You should. The content you create can be can be multi-purposed as additional fodder for PR efforts.

Most companies have content that’s readily available. It may be as evolved as a white paper, or it may be a marketing presentation or industry research with relevance to your customers and products. The trick is to extend the life of that content.

Here are four ways you can do that:

1. Write a bylined article.

Your white paper or presentation is complete and all your thoughts and views are reflected in the document—but how can you make it timely?

Put your name on an analysis of an ongoing market trend that incorporates your content and demonstrates your industry knowledge and viewpoint to your key audiences. Trade publications that your customers read look for timely and educational articles (as long as they are not self-promotional) on issues that impact their readers.

If you can put together a bylined article (typically 600-1,000 words), you are golden.

2. Issue a press release.

You have just made a successful presentation at a conference and are heading home on a three-hour flight, with time to kill. Why not write a press release that is based on your presentation, highlighting the fact that you were a speaker at the conference?

It allows you to sum up the key points you made in your presentation and add more to reflect the questions you got during the Q&A. Another possibility is issuing a press release before the event, aligning you with the conference and outlining the key points you will make there.

3. Send an email blast.

Smart marketers take the time to develop contact lists and keep them updated. Why not use those lists to update your contacts on all the great things your firm is doing?

I do not suggest a continuous stream of email blasts, but keeping in touch is important. Use important points from your presentation, updated to reflect relevant industry trends. Remember to include a link to the bylined article you’ve written.

4. Create website content.

Your company has a website, so use it.

A website can be a very powerful tool in creating exposure. That means posting your bylined article or press release on it, because each time a piece of content is added, there is a good chance that it can be picked up by search engine spiders. Include hyperlinks in your content and your chances of it getting noticed can be greater.

Also, not every press release needs paid newswire distribution like PR Newswire or Business Wire. You can add it to your website as a stand-alone piece of content.

Before you file away that white paper or presentation, ask yourself if you can do more with the content so your organization—along with its clients and potential clients—can benefit from the information. It just might help your career, too.

via Rosalia Scampoli at PRDaily

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