Jubilee Mag – Astorre Cut + Sew Presents Exhibit A: A Faith-based men’s clothing line

by / April 25, 2014

Men of Valor. Men of Excellence. Men of Stature.

These are probably all titles that we have come across to describe men. But we now have another title, “Men of Merit” to describe a faith-based clothing collective, Astorre Cut + Sew. It’s not just another fashion line, it’s a movement that promotes men and faith as a cohesive brand.

Astorre Cut + Sew is a men’s clothing line that was started by visionary, Phillip Anthony and inspired by God. The name Astorre (AS-STOR-RAY) derives from an Italian name. After brainstorming for hours with a trusted friend, the name, Astorre was birthed and coined as one that would be unique and memorable much like Anthony’s personal experience on this journey of becoming a fashion designer.

With further inspirations from Gospel hip-hop artist, Lecrae, Anthony felt a need to be fully committed to his faith, as well as his talents. So, he found a way to join the two together. One of his favorite influential people are Muhammad Ali, mainly because of his commitment to his faith, though it is of a different belief system from that of his which is Christianity, he can still relate.

Anthony admired Ali’s commitment and willingness to suffer the scrutiny of a nation in an effort to stay true and committed to what he believed in. In retrospect, Anthony is willing to take a stand for his line of clothing in order to carry out his vision and mission much like that of Christ. Anthony strongly believes that,

“At the end of the day, whether you make a lot of money, it doesn’t really matter, the point is you used your gift for what you believe–and I like to believe that there’s always somebody watching so even if you don’t know it, you’ll inspire someone.”

Anthony also studied design in school and has matriculated with a Bachelors and Masters degree to further support his craft. His studies were always centered on apparel and learning the way people shop. Most of his designs come from researching trends, both that of street wear, as well as higher end designs in order to decide the most relevant and sustainable trends in the marketplace.

Anthony has somewhat of a strategic process for designing each piece that includes conceptualizing the process in his mind and sketching it on paper. With each line being versatile, he incorporates his own personality into each garment so that it is unique. In addition to incorporating his personal design aesthetics to construct an original piece. 

With a background in women’s wear, Anthony felt the need to create a line for men that would be unique and set apart. The men’s line is made in limited quantities as well. Therefore, there is a 1 in 50 chance of seeing another person wearing the same piece.

While Anthony is a man who enjoys style, he also likes comfort. With his unique line, he designed each piece to display comfort both in the physical and mental aspect as well. Although the line is primarily focused on men, he has a few pieces available for women as well.

While working a full-time job and being a visionary for this awesome brand, Anthony finds that patience has been and is the key element in creating his vision. He has learned that,

“Remaining calm has enhanced my problem solving skills as well.”

Anthony has exemplified that he is a man of faith in every way possible. He can be remembered by this verse in the Bible found in Galatians 6:9,

“And let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up.”

After working and being patient, the time has come for Phillip Anthony to release Astorre to the world. The premier launch of the Astorre Cut + Sew: Exhibit A will be held on Wednesday, April 30, 2014 from 7:30-10:00pm at The Loft at Center Stage Theater with live performances by rising artists, Demetrius, Christian Lewis, Alex FaithKameron Corvet, and Gilles.

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