Gilles Album, “Super.” Now Available On iTunes and Pictures from Album Release Party Hosted by Angela Yee

by / November 20, 2014

Gilles (pronounced “Jills”) ,has released his latest contribution to the music scene, “Super.”  The full-length project can now be purchased on iTunes.

Brooklyn-born, Atlanta-raised rapper Gilles doesn’t have the stereotypical hip-hop backstory. There is no hardscrabble history, no illegal hustle here. In fact, the rhymer from ATL’s Buckhead neighborhood was an attorney before he decided to take his musical career to the next level. Ready to break away from the corporate America grind, Gilles leverages his career to fuel and finance his passion of pursuing his music career. Amid the “turn up,” Gilles’ lyrics provide a smooth change of pace that is both gritty and artfully crafted. A self-proclaimed lover of the ladies, this Howard University graduate, seeks to represent his generation, a generation of individuals seeking something more, something to go hard for. His combination of Southern lyricism, his atypical tastes and history make for an interesting mix of  uniqueness.

“If you listen closely, you’ll realize ‘all are just as big a part of this project as I am. I could never have done this without you. For that, I’m eternally grateful. ” -Gilles

Music lovers and fans were able to experience the album, on November 14th, at the Super. (Very Live) Album Release Party, hosted by The Breakfast Club’s, Angela Yee. Gilles kept it “Super.” while performing with the incredibly talented “Band of Brothers”.  This experience was a first listen for his young professional, hip hop loving, undergraduate and advanced degree achieving fan base to hear the album. The event featured guest dj’s Jeremy Avalon, Mikkoh and DDecoteau, an art exhibit by Jermaine Clark and a gaming lounge courtesy of Konsole Kingz, the leaders in urban gaming internationally and complimentary Miller High Life and Redd’s Apple Ale courtesy of MillerCoors. Gilles has also secured a promotional clothing partnership for “Super.” with Messrs. R/R clothing, an American menswear line that offers functionally tailored menswear and accessories.

angela yee

Angela Yee (The Breakfast Club) enjoys a moment with Gilles before he goes onstage to perform singles from “Super.” at the “Very Live” album release party


The Band of Brother enjoying a jam session between songs at Gilles “Very Live” album release of “Super.” hosted by Angela Yee (The Breakfast Club)


Gilles Having a Sing-along with attendees to a familiar song from his previous EP “Successfully Lost” at the “Very Live” Super. Album Release Party Hosted by Angela Yee


Art exhibit by Jermaine Clark at the “Very Live” Album Release Party for Gilles new album “Super.” hosted by Angela Yee (The Breakfast Club)


To Purchase the Album: Gilles, Super.



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