Intern: Day in the Life – Super. Album Release

by / January 21, 2015

The Resource Guild held, Gilles Listening and Album Release Party. Gilles is a very talented up and coming lawyer turned recording artist. He hired The Resource Guild to help organize the celebration of his album titled, “Super”. There was a lot of strategic planning and task that had to been done to make sure the festivities were a success and had coverage.

The Resource Guild met with the owners of Studio No 7, the location that the Album Release Party took place, to plan the layout of the event. The layout is important because we’re having various media at the event and the space and lighting they had to take proper pictures and videos needed to be confirmed. With the efforts we took to contact media, we would hate to not have any quality footage worth them publishing. A part of our goals as brand strategist is to make sure the image of our client is portrayed in the best way possible.

At the Resource Guild, we also think of the longevity of our clients and while at Studio No. 7, we were given an opportunity to get our clients to collaborate to conquer outreach of both. The establishment that was hosting the release party did not sell products in the MillerCoors portfolio, which is another one of our clients. This connection was great for us because we were able to get sponsorship for our clients album release party, establish a new sales account for another one of our clients them and create a synergistic opportunity for all parties to reach their target markets.

Weeks before the events, we created a press release to send to media professionals. My task was to upload the events to specific sites and to post the countdown to the event on social media. Also, I had to contact each media outlet that we sent the information to, to confirm their attendance and coverage of both events. If you produce an event without media coverage, its likes that event never happened.

The “Chicken and Beer” themed listening party took place at The Blue Room Studio, and was hosted by Day 1 Radio Show on Art, Beats + Lyrics Radio, and sponsored by Popeye’s and Miller Lite. Before the event we designed a rate card for the album, so attendees could let the artist know their feedback on each song. We also made sure that everyone in the room knew who Gilles was by having him speak to each person as they walked in the door and providing them with Gilles promotional items as well as a copy of the album. Lastly, The Resource Guild coordinated the photo opportunities for Gilles and our sponsor, Miller Lite. The Listening Party was successful, and in 3 days the Album Release would take place, so we continued to reach out to media for the event.

The “Very Live” Album Release Party was hosted by Angela Yee from The Breakfast Club on Power 105.1. My task at the Album Release Party was to handle onsite media check-in. The purpose of media check-in is so our team knows exactly what media were onsite that confirmed and to collect information on any new media that did not previously confirm on our list. The more targeted contacts we have the more coverage we can have for brand activations in the future.

Even though the events were over we still had work to do. My responsibility was to send out the approved media recap and go online and search for media hits/coverage. All publications that posted about the event I put on a Media Hit list, because we always give our clients a package of the work we completed for them, so they can see the results for themselves.

The event was a success and our client was pleased. The experiences and lessons learned from this event will continue to help me with the next event and everything will become more and more fluent. The opportunities to work with such talented and creative people was amazing.


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