14 Chicagoans Cracked Forbes’ 30 Under 30 Lists, Including a Rapper and a Tech Entrepreneur

by / January 21, 2015

Today, Forbes announced its massive ’30 Under 30′ lists, a collection of 600 millennials that are making moves across a variety of categories, including education, energy, venture capital, sports, consumer technology, and more.

Though these lists are dominated by Bay Area entrepreneurs, New Yorkers benefiting from their proximity to the publication’s headquarters, and Yale/MIT/Harvard/Stanford graduates – seriously, check out the Finance and Law & Policy categories – over a dozen Chicagoans cracked the lists.

They are:

George Bousis: Founder, Raise. (Consumer Tech Category)
One of Chicago’s fastest growing startups, the easy-to-use marketplace for buying and selling gift cards will be moving into a new 46k square foot office in March. Founded in 2011 as CouponTrade, Raise officially rebranded a couple years ago in what Bousis calls “the best decision we’ve ever made as a company.”

Charles Sing: Assistant Professor, UIUC. (Science Category)
At UIUC, Sing is focused on studying the physics of polymers in order to figure out how scientists can make new chemicals in silico.

Maya Watson: Director of Marketing and Social Media, Harpo Studios. (Market and Advertising Category)
In under five years, Watson rose from intern to the youngest executive at Harpo Studios, creating integrated campaigns for The Oprah Winfrey Show, The Dr. Oz Show, and The Nate Berkus Show; she is also Oprah’s head of digital marketing.

The SwipeSense Team: (Social Entrepreneurs Category)
Cofounders Mert Iseri and Yuri Malina both made the list for SwipeSense, the portable hand sanitizer dispenser that healthcare professionals carry to reduce hospital-spread infections. The dispenser is also data-driven so that hospitals can monitor how frequently they’re used by their staff.

Chance the Rapper: Rapper. (Music Category)
The 21-year-old Chicago native is still riding high off of his acclaimed 2013 mixtape with two sold-out tours and a Lollapalooza headlining slot.

The Ampy Team: (Energy Category)
The Ampy cofounders – Tajes Shastry, Alex Smith, and Mike Geier – all cracked the list for their device that charges a user’s phone from physical activity.

Matthew Fischler: Deputy Policy Officer, Office of the Mayor, City of Chicago. (Law & Policy Category)
Fischler is a Deputy to Mayor Rahm Emanuel and oversees public safety legislation, including coordinating the update of the city’s youth violence prevention strategy.

Samatha Olds: Executive Director, Illinois Association of Medicaid Health Plans. (Law & Policy Category)
Olds is in charge of educating providers and the public regarding the states transition from “a free-for-service Medicaid program to one that coordinated care for Medicaid recipients.”

Cosmo Goss: Chef de Cuisine, Pelican Quality Meats. (Food & Drink Category)
Formerly the Head Butcher at Publican Quality Meats, Goss is currently the Chef de Cuisine at one of Chicago’s most acclaimed restaurants.

Gregory Laketek: Owner, West Loop Salumi. (Food & Drink Category)
Laketek is the owner of West Loop Salumi, the states’s first and only USDA salumeria. On top of making all of the salumi, Laketek is also the company’s accountant, web designer, marketing team, and secretary.

Nadeshot: CEO, Nadeshot, Inc. (Games Category)
Hoffman Estates-based Matt Haag, known by his fans as “Nadeshot,” is a top ranked Call of Duty player, registering nearly a million dollars a year as a professional video game player. But more importantly, the 22-year-old is a social media star, with 1.5 million YouTube subscribers and 800k+ Twitter followers.

Machino: (Enterprise Technology Category)
Cofounders Dan Pinto and Dmitriy Rokhfeld made the list. Machino is like the “Kayak of used machinery,” with over a million unique buyers spending millions more on used machinery via the platform.

Isaac Rothenbaum, Co-Founder, Poacht: (Enterprise Technology Category)
From Oak Park, Rothenbaum is a cofounder of Poacht, a service that allows job seekers to covertly look for new opportunities.

Victor Saad, Founder, Experience Institute: (Education Category)
Founded in 2012, this DIY graduate-level program allows students to design their own curriculum and the pitch to companies for paid mini-apprenticeships.

By Will Flanagan via Chicago Inn O  

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