Intern 101: Read Before You Post

by / January 22, 2015

When you start your internship, you want to impress, your mentor or boss, so you over analyze everything that you do, but ironically you look over the small details. You see the big picture, you have amazing ideas, but there’s one very important thing that you mess up, the BASICS…correct spelling.

The first thing that I had trouble with when I started my internship with, The Resource Guild was my failure to read over my work. From your teacher to your mother, people always tell you to read over what you write, to catch spelling and grammar errors, but you know you wrote everything right, I mean who messes up on the spelling of the word “for”, that’s elementary right? Wrong! It’s not that you are not intelligent or that you do not know how to spell, it’s that you think, you have it all figured out, but we are human, we are not Microsoft Word, we do not get little red lines in our head when we spell a word wrong. We have to read over our work to make sure what we are writing is what we really want the world to read.  Because ultimately it is a representation of ourselves and our brand. When we are negligent and publish post with simple spelling errors, it shows we don’t care enough about our project or our business to take the time to correct our wrongs. It shows we don’t have time to make a quality publication, but would rather rush and publish anything.

Getting into the habit of reading over your work and even reading it aloud before publishing is something that will help in all aspects of business and personal life.  So whether it’s an email to the C.E.O. of a Fortune 500 Company or a post for social media, make sure you read before you send!

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